Solar Street Lights

Solar LED street light system are raised light sources which are powered by photovoltaic panels generally mounted on the lighting structure or integrated in the pole itself. In the daytime, The photovoltaic panels absorb the light energy and transfer electric energy to charge a rechargeable battery. In the nighttime, Storage battery supply electricity to LED light under the control of solar intelligent charge controller.

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All-in-one design: LED lamp integrated intelligent controller and lifepo4 battery, easy install and convenient shipping

LED X Solar

Intelligent controller with PWM/MPPT charging technology

Bridgelux LED chip with 130Lm/W


Adopt brand lifepo4 battery cell and combined with intelligent software BMS, which is the same working principle with EV battery


Ski Areas and Parks

Working Time: 12 hours/day 2-3 days backup

Charging Time: 6 hours/day (related with local sunshine)

Solar Panel Pole size: 50~60mm

LED Light Pole size: 50~60mm

Height of Pole: 3~4m / 5~6m

Intelligent Control: Smart time+dimming function

Charging Current: 10A

Charging Type: PWM or MPPT for option